Counterfeit / Product Control

With the recognition and success of Red Cherry as one of the top cult lash brands, the product demand has unfortunately given way to the sale of counterfeit lashes. Recently we discovered that some of our fans had purchased or received counterfeit lashes sold as Red Cherry from various unverified or unauthorized retailers and e-tailers.

You may have come across such unauthorized resellers online that offer bottom low prices. Often times these products may be old, stolen, counterfeit, or tampered with and some even cost more. Our biggest concern is that some of these counterfeits may be inaccurately advertised as human hair and without knowing where these retailers obtained the lashes from, Red Cherry cannot guarantee its quality. Additionally, the biggest danger of purchasing such counterfeit lashes from unauthorized retailers is that these products could cause eye irritation or even infection.

Since the brand’s inception, Red Cherry has prided itself in assuring the fans and customers alike that the lashes are handmade with 100% human hair, and that the small handful of synthetic lashes are made with high quality fibers. We are dedicated in keeping these standards high a top priority so that we may give our fans the genuine Red Cherry lashes they deserve. Our lashes are protected by design registrations, trademarks and we vigorously protect and act on our rights wherever they are infringed upon. We have since then tried to curb unauthorized retailers by updating our brand packaging in order to prevent further copyright infringement.

We thankfully have become aware of these counterfeit sales with the assistance of our fans who have become victims in recent past. We are constantly monitoring known counterfeiters and will continue to take the proper steps in finding a long-term solution so that we may prevent further counterfeit sales and protect our fans.

In the meantime, we advise our consumers to shop savvy by only purchasing within the professional beauty industry, not from a supermarket, outdoor vendors, or other unauthorized sources that may seem suspicious. Also, please bear in mind the following when buying Red Cherry lashes that signifies proof that the products are authentic:

  • Red cherry lashes are manufactured in Indonesia. Any deviation from this is misleading and should never be shipped from China.
  • To ensure you have authentic Red Cherry lashes, visit our site and check for the style # and name, as well as any details the lashes may have compared to what is presented on our site.
  • Priced items well below our MSRP are to be regarded as counterfeit and should be treated with suspicion.
  • Our packaging will never contain spelling, grammatical or design template (placement of logo) errors.

Don’t risk it and spread the word about the potential danger of buying counterfeit lashes. Contact to find an authorized retailer near you. If you find that you may have been a victim or have a counterfeit enquiry, please reach out to our product control team at and provide the details and we will conduct an investigation.